Imagine this.


What if you could play your favourite PC game in virtual reality?


CLOVR is making that possible. Now, you can turn any PC game into VR-ready format
and start your own VR gaming experience with the CLOVR app.

Play Any Game in VR

As long as you can run the game on your PC, you can enjoy it in VR.


CLOVR supports up to 60fps, giving you a smooth VR gaming experience unlike any other.

Enjoy Wireless Gaming

Say goodbye to tangled cables, and roam freely while you play.


CLOVR supports wireless gaming, and uses your phone’s gyroscope to enable immersive headtracking.

Affordable VR Gaming

All you need to start is an affordable VR headset and the CLOVR app.


CLOVR allows you to experience VR gaming with what you already have at a fraction of the price.

How does CLOVR work?

CLOVR is a mobile app that uses GPU image retargeting and advanced encoding technology to transform PC games (without VR support) into VR-ready gaming content. It also uses multithreading to improve the performance of the data transformations.

The final visual is then converted into a stereoscopic format to mimic VR content. This content is then visual casted onto your phone via WiFi.

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    CLOVR is now fully funded on Kickstarter!



    Whether you’re an interested investor, a brand looking to implement VR in business applications, or someone just wanting to hear our story, we’d love to talk, so let’s get connected today!